Society for Medieval Feminist Scholarship hosting a 4-day Wikipedia Write-In

Are you looking for hands on experience contributing to the DH initiative? Here is a great way to put your skills to the test during the ICOS. The Society for Medieval Feminist Scholarship is hosting a 4-day Wikipedia Write-In. They are looking for volunteers

Here is a blurb from their website:

Tired of having your students cite bad information from Wikipedia? Unfortunately, railing against Wikipedia is useless — it has become the go-to first search for most people, even scholars. Writing your own articles and editing those of others is the best way to get feminist scholarship mainstreamed. Just as with print encyclopedias, women scholars do not write and edit enough articles on this digital medium. SMFS is sponsoring a Wikipedia-Write-In in Fetzer 1060 that will be open during conference hours every day (see below). We will run short tutorials every hour. Dorothy Kim and Mary Suydam are spearheading this effort. We need volunteers to staff this enterprise. If you haven’t written a Wikipedia article it is very easy to learn. Either your college libary staff can teach you or you can learn it using the script put together by Mary and Dorothy for the conference. This script will be provided to every volunteer. Please volunteer! Contact Mary Suydam () with your name, email, and shift times you are available (Conference sessions are now available online at We look forward to hearing from you!

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