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Dear professor XXX:

  I am writing in response to your email, which I admit almost brought tears to my eyes; knowing that you (and the other thematic studies professors at John Jay Colelge) support me in this time of sacrifices.  I will try my hardest to do some reading when given some time off.
The things I've seen within the last week out in those streets have changed me forever.  They have hardened my heart and brought tears to my eyes; they have given me a reason to fight and put my life on the line for.  The people that died inside of those buildings and planes, my family, friends, you guys in school, and our American way of life are sufficient reason for me to disappear into the deepest dessert around a hail of gunfire and explosions.  
  For security reasons, I can't talk about what is about to-or did-transpire over the Internet, but I will keep you posted on any changes in my situation, and whether I will go "down there," or stay "up here."  I do however, want to stay in school.  I spoke to my commander about how important school is to me, and he understands my situation.  I will keep you informed.
  I want to thank you professor X, because you have been someone I've always looked up to, respected, and for who I am willing to work twice as hard for.
  I also want to thank all of the people who volunteered-and continue to-volunteer their time and work for so many grueling hours to help; I've never seen so many heroes.  To those who have loved ones that died on that day, I send them my condolences.
If you can and there is time, please let people in class and in the thematic department know that.  

  My other professors are: X and Y, Z and P, and the professors in your class.  I have a math class but I left the math department a voice mail.

  For now, I hope all of you are safe and I will do whatever I can to guard you, and until I can be sitting in class again, I will be out there, making sense of madness.

September 11 Email: Date

September 18, 2001

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